How thin and fast?

The easiest place for women to gain weight is the small belly, especially after giving birth to a child, the belly will be like a bucket. Of course, the topic of thin belly has become the topic that women are most concerned about. Thin belly doesn’t mean that you can be thin if you are thin. You must act. There are many methods in thin belly, so why do you feel thin and fast?

1. Abdominal fast walking, fast walking can burn more calories than running. When walking fast, if you can absorb and abdomen at the same time, the effect of thin belly will be better. Through this fast walking and abdomen-astringing method, fat can be decomposed quickly, and of course, the effect of thin abdomen can be achieved.

2. Standing against the wall for 15 minutes can really burn fat. During the period of sticking against the wall, muscles will tighten and contract, which will speed up blood circulation and metabolism, and of course fat will dissolve.

3. Abdominal massage, by massaging the abdomen, especially with pulse, can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, accelerate the circulation of lymph, and dissolve the fat, thus reducing the size of the stomach.

4. The breathing circle is thin and the belly is fast, and the hula hoop is a thin body method for waist and abdomen. In the process of turning hula hoop, you can slim your abdomen and exercise your lumbar spine and muscle groups, especially when you don’t exercise regularly and have more fat in your waist and abdomen.

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