How to advance or delay menstruation.

Everyone knows that menstruation is an important symbol of a woman’s maturity. After menstruation comes, women will gradually establish a regular menstrual cycle, which usually lasts from 21 days to 35 days. So how to advance or delay menstruation?

Nowadays, many women are not very regular in life. If you want to advance your menstruation, you can eat something that can enrich your blood in your diet. For example, brown sugar water can be drunk a few days before menstruation, or you can eat some red dates and other foods. These foods are blood tonic, and also have the function of promoting menstruation. You can also use red dates and brown sugar to boil water together, and the effect will be better.

There are also some women who want to delay their menstruation because they have plans to go out to play or swim, so how can they delay their menstruation? In fact, if the endometrium falls off, menstruation will occur. As long as estrogen is continuously added to the body, menstruation will come late when the endometrium is thickened.

You can choose some foods related to this kind of food. As long as the endometrium keeps thickening, the endometrium can grow firmly on the uterus, and menstruation will be delayed. During menstruation, don’t have too much physical strength, don’t be too tired, pay attention to eating something light in your diet, relax and keep a good state of mind, which is very helpful for menstruation.

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