How to avoid Down’s child before pregnancy.

The birth rate of Down’s child is not low, and after the child is born, it is usually poor in immunity and often falls ill, which is a great burden to the whole family. It is very important to prevent the birth of Down’s child. Both husband and wife should know about it and take active precautions. So, how to avoid Down’s child before pregnancy?

If you want to avoid Down’s children before pregnancy, you should try not to be an elderly woman. If you have children over 35 years old, the incidence of Down’s children is high. It is best to give birth at a suitable age to reduce the probability of Down’s children. So are men. Old age will affect sperm quality. Screening should be done in time during pregnancy, and screening should be conducted in Northwest Territories in early pregnancy. If the risk is relatively high, it is recommended to do further examination, and intervention can only be carried out if it is Down’s child.

Keep away from teratogenic substances during pregnancy, and drugs should not be taken privately, so as to avoid fetal malformation. Before pregnancy, we should develop healthy living habits, and should not smoke or drink alcohol, including men. Only in a good living environment can we ensure the health of the fetus.

Pregnant women should avoid electrical radiation, avoid X-ray examination as far as possible, stay away from radioactive substances, watch TV for not too long, eat more nutritious and healthy food, avoid overeating, and don’t eat too much junk food. Besides healthy life, the mood during pregnancy is also very important, so we should adjust our mentality.

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