How to cause urinary tract infection.

Urinary tract infection is a high incidence disease in our life. In recent years, many people go to hospitals for treatment because of urinary tract infection. There are many reasons for this disease. Therefore, if we know more about the causes of urinary tract infection, we can prevent the disease according to the causes, thus reducing the incidence of urinary tract infection.

Urinary tract infection may be related to not paying attention to personal hygiene, including daily hygiene habits, or hygiene before and after sexual life. Many men usually do not pay attention to the cleaning of genitals, and do not do a good job of cleaning before sexual life with women, which leads to women suffering from urinary tract infection. These are the main causes of urinary tract infection.

In addition to the hygiene of life, there is another important reason, which is that the clothes worn on the body are airtight and can’t emit after sweating, which leads to the breeding of bacteria in underwear and provides an important environment for survival and growth. Therefore, we should choose more breathable clothes, which will be much better.

In fact, there are many reasons for urinary tract infection, which may be because there is no correct treatment after urinary tract infection. If the treatment is irregular, it will lead to urinary tract infection. Long-term use of immunosuppressants will also reduce people’s resistance, and the urinary tract will be easily infected. Don’t underestimate urinary tract infection, which is easy to recur, and may even lead to more serious conditions, causing greater harm to human reproductive system.

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