How to check endocrine for acne.

Many young women often pay attention to their faces, which seriously affects their appearance after growing acne. Therefore, they want to get rid of it in time by various effective methods. This requires going to the hospital to find a professional doctor to do physical examination, find out the reasons and treat it quickly. So how to check endocrine for acne?

1. At this time, these pimples on women’s faces are caused by androgen disorder, because there are only two kinds of hormones in human body this time. If there is an unbalanced situation, it will cause pimples on the face. At this time, the doctor will do six hormone tests and coordinate with the conditioning of Chinese medicine, and the symptoms will be relieved after a period of time.

2. Some people have been staying up late and working overtime for a long time, which makes the adrenal hormones in their bodies constantly increase and then decrease rapidly. If this happens for a long time, it will also cause endocrine and imbalance in the body. At this time, don’t squeeze them directly by hand, it will only make the symptoms more serious.

3. In order to reduce the phenomenon of acne, we should pay attention to maintaining the diversification of diet and reducing eating spicy and stimulating food in normal times. When there is pressure in the heart, we should relieve it in time, and don’t stay up late. When women enter the menstrual cycle, we should pay attention not to touch cold water, nor to wear heavy makeup for a long time. We should wash our faces thoroughly every time, and never use cosmetics containing various hormones indiscriminately.

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