How to check pruritus and redness of vulva.

Some women find that the vulva is itchy, but it is difficult to say it, but they are worried about the bad health. Then, how to check the pruritus and redness of vulva?

First of all, we should determine what causes pruritus vulvae. If there is no other abnormality in the body, it is probably caused by the stimulation of secretion, which is the most common cause of pruritus vulvae, especially in young patients. May be infected with fungi, trichomoniasis, etc., so there will be pruritus vulvae, this situation should also go to the hospital for detailed examination.

Generally, if the vulva is itchy and red, you can go to the hospital for routine examination of leucorrhea. This situation is considered to be caused by inflammation, so you should pay attention not to blindly use drugs on your own to avoid improper use of drugs to increase infection or affect recovery. Moreover, it is best to supplement some vegetables in diet, eat more fruits and eat less irritating food as much as possible. At the same time, keep your underwear dry and change your underwear frequently.

Uterine B-ultrasound, colposcopy and vaginal discharge examination can be considered for female pruritus vulvae, which can make clear the cause of pruritus vulvae. Common causes of pruritus vulvae in women are probably vaginitis caused by pathogen infection in vulva, or cervical erosion or pelvic inflammatory disease, which requires targeted medication according to disease types. Women should avoid sharing rooms during treatment.

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