How to cool children physically.

Fever is a very common abnormal symptom. If it appears, it should be cooled immediately. If the body temperature is very high and the fever is reached, you should take antipyretic drugs in time. When there is a low fever, we should choose physical cooling. So, how to cool down children’s physics?

When children have symptoms of low fever, they can use antipyretic stickers to cool down. This is one of the most commonly used physical cooling methods, which has a good cooling effect and is very suitable for children. Parents should pay attention to the short use time of antipyretic stickers, so they need to be changed every four hours.

To physically cool your child, you can take a bath with warm water or wipe it with warm water. Bathing has the function of assisting heat dissipation. The water temperature should be controlled at about 32-34℃, and the water temperature should not be too high, otherwise the whole body blood vessels will dilate, which will aggravate the illness. If you wipe your body with warm water, wipe it for 5-10 minutes at a time, and choose to wipe the wrinkled parts of your skin, such as your neck, armpit and groin.

When children have a fever, they should choose the way to reduce fever according to their body temperature. Parents need to give children with fever plenty of water, which can supplement body fluids and also have some cooling effects. Fever consumes water in the body, so if you give your child more water, you can also effectively prevent dehydration.

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