How to correct calf valgus?

Female friends who love beauty not only pay attention to their faces, but also pay attention to their legs. When they find that their legs are not beautiful, they will be very upset. For example, calf valgus, want to do some corrective work to recuperate, let’s see how to correct calf valgus.

The valgus of lower leg is congenital and acquired. Most of the posterior leg valgus is caused by incorrect standing or walking posture, such as varus or knee flexion. Therefore, we should pay attention to the main causes of calf valgus during correction.

If you want to correct the valgus of your calf, your first step is to get rid of these bad habits, such as walking in a figure of eight or not fastening your knees firmly. In addition, there are some corrective actions or projects that can also help correct the valgus of your calf.

Sometimes the valgus of calf is caused by the internal buckle of knee joint. If you often feel slight pain on the inside of knee, it means that the knee is in the wrong position. You can better improve the position of knee joint and valgus of calf by squatting on the foot.

Crouching on the feet can help awaken the strength of adductor femoris, and thus control the knee adductor in daily life.

In addition, bundling legs is also a method to correct valgus of calf, but this process is very painful, so if you want to achieve better correction, you must stick to it, and pay attention to try not to tie it up before going to bed, and it is enough to tie it for ten minutes.

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