How to correct the outward bending of the calf?

Both women and men are very concerned about the leg shape. When many people stand, their calves and thighs are tightly attached to each other, but when others stand, their calves bend outward. People with legs bent outward want to know some methods to correct their legs. So, how to correct the outward bending of the calf?

When correcting the outward bending of the lower leg, it is necessary to distinguish which conditions are caused, such as O-legs, and others are caused only by the muscles of the legs, and it seems that the lower leg is bent outward. The methods suitable for correcting the outward bending of the lower leg are as follows: 1. leg press method, which is called external pressure method. The lower leg needs to be pressed outward, but the angle should be about 90 degrees. However, it doesn’t matter if you can’t reach it at first, but you will reach it slowly with training.

Second, the binding method is mainly to bind the legs. But the emphasis is on three parts of the leg, namely, the calf, the knee and the thigh. When sleeping, use the bandage to tie these three parts of the leg together. Pay attention to the strength of binding, neither too light nor too heavy, otherwise, the effect of correction will not be achieved.

Third, the method of handstand, this method mainly lies down, straightens the legs, and makes the legs stand upright. Try to keep the angle between your legs and your body, which is preferably a right angle. For women, this method of correcting the outward bending of the lower leg also has the function of stovepipe, which is especially suitable for women with outward bending of the lower leg.

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