How to correct the valgus of calf muscles.

Many women’s leg lines are not very good-looking, for example, some thighs are thicker, and some calves are thicker, which leads to the curves of calves are not good-looking. However, some women’s lateral calf muscles are relatively developed, and they are prone to valgus of calf muscles. So, how to correct the valgus of calf muscles?

The eversion of calf muscles has a lot to do with the uneven distribution of leg muscles. Sometimes the patient’s walking posture is wrong, which leads to one side of the leg exerting force while the other side can’t use force. If this happens for a long time, the patient’s calf muscles will be everted.

Therefore, patients with valgus calf muscles should first pay attention to adjusting their walking posture, and find suitable products for correcting leg shape, so as to consume the heat of leg muscles and eliminate excessive muscles on the outside of the legs, so as to make the distribution of leg muscles symmetrical, thus improving the valgus calf muscles.

In addition, when standing at ordinary times, patients with valgus calf muscles should try to keep their legs close together and slightly lift their heels and legs to exert a little force, so as to help correct valgus calf muscles. Patients can stand for about half an hour every day. When standing, the upper body remains upright, the toes of both legs are slightly outward, and then squat as deep as possible to keep the leg muscles tight, repeating it about 10 times a day, which is helpful to correct the valgus of the calf.

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