How to cure acne on the face?

Many adolescent men and women are prone to acne on their faces. The acne on the patient’s face is mostly due to excessive secretion of facial oil, which will cause acne on the face, thus causing acne on the face. So, how to cure acne on the face?

When acne grows on the face, the patient needs to be conditioned by diet and treated with drugs, so as to achieve a good acne removing effect. In addition, patients should eat more vegetables and fruits, drink plenty of water, and avoid eating too spicy food. You can also eat more foods rich in vitamin C, and apply some anti-inflammatory and acne-relieving potions to smear local acne.

Patients with acne on their faces should also pay attention to the hygiene of their facial skin and keep their faces clean, which can reduce the incidence of acne infection. Patients can also apply some ointment drugs under the guidance of doctors. Smoking and drinking are not suitable during illness. If the patient is accompanied by menstrual disorder during acne, the patient can take some medicines properly to regulate menstruation, which can not only treat menstrual disorder, but also treat acne on the face.

Acne on the face is also related to endocrine disorders. Therefore, patients must sleep before 10 pm to avoid staying up late. Pay attention to skin cleaning, moisturizing and hydrating, and avoid using double black cream and foundation during this period to prevent these cosmetics from clogging pores and aggravating the symptoms of acne.

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