How to cure acne?

In the process of human growth and development, it will change constantly, and the obvious change is the height. However, after puberty, physical changes are no longer as simple as growing taller. Besides growing taller, they will also grow hair and acne. Especially acne is very annoying, so how can acne be cured?

If you want to get rid of acne as soon as possible, you must always keep your diet light and don’t eat fried food. And pay attention to your regular routine, and try not to stay up late. Adequate sleep will help stabilize the hormone level in the body and help eliminate acne. Also pay attention to your study status, don’t put too much pressure on yourself, especially in the days before the exam, and learn to relax your emotions.

If your acne is serious, and you have some serious symptoms such as suppuration and skin ulceration, you can’t be careless. At this time, we must actively seek medical treatment to avoid causing greater harm to the skin. However, during the treatment, do not abuse the ointment and avoid dependence on it.

Puberty acne is a normal phenomenon, which is closely related to hormone changes in the body. As the body develops slowly and the hormone level stabilizes, acne will naturally wake up and disappear. During this period, never squeeze out these acne by hand, because there are many bacteria on fingernails, which may cause skin infection.

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