How to detect cervical erosion during pregnancy?

Pregnant women are also prone to cervical erosion, because the body’s resistance declines, which easily leads to viruses entering the vagina, which leads to upward infection. Moreover, the increasing vaginal secretions will also aggravate the degree of cervical erosion and even cause vaginal bleeding, which requires pregnant women to pay attention to. So, what should I do if I find out cervical erosion during pregnancy?

If cervical erosion is detected during pregnancy, if it is mild erosion and there is no obvious discomfort, it is recommended to keep the vulva clean and observe it closely. If it is moderate or severe erosion accompanied by contact bleeding, it is recommended to treat it under the guidance of a doctor. In order to avoid irritation of cervix and abortion, it is recommended to go to hospital for treatment.

If the symptoms are not serious, it is not recommended for pregnant women to treat them, but they can wait until after giving birth. If the symptoms are serious enough to bleed, they need to be treated accordingly, mainly to stop bleeding and control the infection. Meanwhile, measures should be taken to prevent miscarriage, so long as the bleeding is stopped in time and the condition is stabilized, pregnant women can still get pregnant. If the disease is not controlled in time, it will cause infection of reproductive organs and even lead to premature rupture of membranes.

Simple cervical erosion does not need treatment, but attention should be paid to hygiene, especially the exuberant secretion during pregnancy. We should pay more attention to hygiene, insist on cleaning every day, change underwear frequently, and do not use lotion too much, so as not to damage the vaginal environment.

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