How to diagnose mycoplasma infection and chlamydia infection.

Some people are weak, so they are easily infected by germs or bacteria and get sick. After mycoplasma infection, there will be some symptoms in the body. If not treated in time, it will bring great influence to the body. With the development of medical science and technology, many diseases can be treated. So how to diagnose mycoplasma infection and chlamydia infection?

After chlamydia infection, symptoms such as urethral stabbing pain, itching, frequent micturition, urgent micturition, and painful micturition may occur, and sometimes purulent or mucinous secretion may occur at the urethral orifice. After infection, symptoms will spread all over the body, and patients will have symptoms such as chills, low fever, and loss of appetite. If they have these symptoms, they should go to the hospital for related examinations in time.

Mycoplasma chlamydia infection can not be completely cured by common methods, so antibiotics are needed. However, not every antibiotic has an effect on mycoplasma chlamydia. It is necessary to culture mycoplasma and carry out drug sensitivity test, so as to find sensitive antibiotics and achieve a thorough treatment effect.

During the treatment of mycoplasma infection and chlamydia infection, we must cooperate with doctors. This is not a very serious disease, and it can be cured after professional treatment. Pay attention to personal hygiene during treatment, change underwear frequently, and keep the hygiene of private places. Also remember that you can’t have sex, otherwise it is easy to cross infection, which will increase the difficulty of treatment.

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