How to distinguish between cold and rhinitis.

A cold is a common disease in life, which is related to the decline of body resistance. A cold can cause many discomforts, such as general weakness, headache and stuffy nose, etc. There are many initial symptoms of rhinitis, which can be divided into acute and chronic symptoms, which may be confused with a cold, thus inevitably delaying treatment. So, how to distinguish a cold from rhinitis?

From the symptom point of view, when sneezing, rhinitis patients often have a lot of clear water and nose, accompanied by nasal itching symptoms, which are difficult to control. However, sneezing when catching a cold is usually intermittent. If the cold is serious, sneezing may be more frequent, and the passing times can be preliminarily judged.

The symptoms of a cold are also manifested in the whole body, and the nose will not only feel unwell, but also feel weak and sore muscles, etc. However, rhinitis is generally not the case, and besides nasal congestion and itching, some people will also have headache symptoms. The duration of rhinitis is different from that of cold. If the cold is mild, it may heal itself, while rhinitis lasts for a long time and is difficult to cure.

A cold may happen all year round, and there are many factors that cause rhinitis, which often depend on the season. When the season changes, rhinitis is easy to attack, and when it comes into contact with allergens, it will also induce rhinitis. There are many differences between them. Besides self-identification, you can also ask a doctor.

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