How to distinguish cold from pharyngitis.

Everyone must have had a cold, which is a very common disease. Usually, when you catch a cold, you will have symptoms such as cough and sore throat. However, when suffering from pharyngitis, the above symptoms will also appear, so many people are a little confused about cold and pharyngitis. So, how to distinguish between cold and pharyngitis?

Although there are some throat discomfort symptoms when suffering from cold and pharyngitis, there are great differences between them. If suffering from pharyngitis, there will be pain and burning sensation in the throat, and some patients will cough and expectoration, but there will be no fever symptoms.

If you have a cold, besides sore throat and cough, you will also have symptoms such as stuffy nose, runny nose and sneezing, and sometimes the patient will have a fever. But when suffering from pharyngitis, the above symptoms will never appear, unless it is accompanied by pharyngitis when catching a cold.

Cold is a self-limiting disease, which usually can be cured in a week or so, but pharyngitis will attack for a long time, especially when suffering from chronic pharyngitis, which is difficult to be completely cured. As long as the throat is irritated at ordinary times, it is easy to cause pharyngitis, such as eating irritating food and smoking. If you have acute pharyngitis, you must treat it as soon as possible, otherwise it will turn into chronic pharyngitis, which will greatly increase the difficulty of treatment.

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