How to distinguish scabies from eczema.

Many people have heard of scabies and eczema, both of which are skin diseases. From the clinical symptoms, scabies and eczema are similar, so many people can’t distinguish clearly, that is to say, they can’t tell whether scabies or eczema appears on the skin. I want to know the knowledge about the distinction between scabies and eczema. So, how to distinguish scabies from eczema?

The main difference between scabies and eczema lies in their different properties. Although scabies and eczema are both skin diseases, eczema is not contagious. The main cause of eczema is allergy, which is usually not contagious to others. However, scabies are contagious to some extent and can be transmitted to others. This is the biggest difference between scabies and eczema.

There is also a great difference between scabies and eczema in terms of pathogenesis. Scabies are caused by scabies mites, but eczema is mainly caused by exposure to some allergens. In addition, excessive moisture can also lead to eczema. It can be said that the incidence of eczema is related to many internal and external factors. Treatment is also different, scabies is mainly aimed at scabies mites, killing scabies mites can completely cure scabies.

From the point of view of the disease site, scabies mainly appear in the fingers, and the skin in this place is generally delicate and thin. Clinical symptoms are papules, and sometimes it feels like insects crawling over. Eczema has more sites, that is to say, it may appear all over the body, and there will be clinical symptoms such as erythema and blisters.

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