How to do acne on the face?

Most people have acne on their faces, especially adolescent boys and girls, who are more likely to be troubled by acne on their faces. Usually acne is caused by hormones in the body. Acne can cause itching, thick flow and other symptoms, and if it is serious, it will affect the appearance. So what about acne on your face?

1. Keep your facial skin clean and refreshing, but be careful not to over-clean. Replenish water in time after washing your face to keep water and oil balance.

2. Don’t squeeze and touch with your hands after acne, as it is easy to cause irritation and infection.

3. Develop good eating habits. Eat more light food, avoid spicy stimulation, and don’t smoke or drink too much. Drink more tea for clearing away heat and toxic materials, such as jasmine tea and chrysanthemum tea.

4, pay attention to keep enough sleep, rest more, less tired. Keep relaxed and reduce psychological pressure. In many cases, acne is caused by excessive internal heat, anxiety and insomnia will cause endocrine problems, and then cause acne. So it is also important to keep a good mental state.

5. Choose suitable skin care products. Try to use hydrating mask after acne, which can keep facial moisture from losing. It is forbidden to use nutritious facial mask, because excessive nutrition is not conducive to the treatment of acne. You can make your own mask, and use the masks of vegetables and fruits, such as wax gourd, etc. After the self-made mask is cleaned, there is no side effect and the effect is better.

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