How to do if jaundice is too high after half a month?

The highest jaundice occurs within half a month after birth, and usually it will gradually improve after one and a half months. This happens to most babies, so mothers don’t have to be too nervous. What if jaundice is too high after half a month?

At this time, first of all, we should not be too anxious. We should know that there will be differences in the speed at which each baby’s jaundice recedes. Eat more and have more rows. There are many reasons for this.

The medical term of jaundice is called neonatal hyperbilirubinemia. There are two kinds of jaundice, namely, pathological jaundice and physiological jaundice. Physiological jaundice is inherently high, and another reason is maternal and infant jaundice. The most obvious clinical manifestations of these two kinds of jaundice are high jaundice value and yellow skin, and others are no different from normal babies. Pathological jaundice is accompanied by poor energy and lethargy in addition to yellow skin. The jaundice of full-term babies will not exceed two weeks, and that of premature babies will not exceed four weeks.

Remember not to use drugs for your baby at will, but go to the hospital for examination. If the jaundice value does not exceed 11, it is normal. You can use fluorescent lamps more often. If it is fine, you can also go out to absorb sunlight, and your baby’s jaundice will gradually subside. You can also give your baby proper glucose water. If the jaundice value is greater than 15, it is necessary to be hospitalized in time.

In addition, I hope Bao Ma knows clearly that neonatal jaundice cannot be prevented, and the most important thing is to pay attention to the baby’s mental condition and growth and development.

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