How to do itchy below 8 months of pregnancy?

Eight months of pregnancy belongs to the middle and late stages of pregnancy. At this moment, as the pregnant woman is approaching childbirth, the growth hormone in the human body will rise, which will lead to an increase in the secretion in the body. If you do not pay attention to good cleaning and hygiene at this time, it will also cause pathogenic bacteria to grow, and then cause the following itching. So what should I do if I am itchy after eight months of pregnancy?

If there is itching in private parts during the eighth month of pregnancy, it is more likely that you have vaginitis, so you must go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible. Because it is easy to get mycotic vaginitis during pregnancy, the obvious symptom of mycotic vaginitis is increased leucorrhea, which is like bean dregs and accompanied by unbearable pruritus of vulva. You can go to the hospital for leucorrhea test, and doctors can directly diagnose mycotic vaginitis through face-to-face diagnosis.

Mycotic vaginitis is actually better treated, and it can be cured after about two courses of treatment. If mycotic vaginitis is found in the third trimester of pregnancy, we must not delay the illness and treat it as soon as possible. Otherwise, there is a certain chance that the fetus will be infected during childbirth, and it is easy to cause severe perineum laceration, which is very unfavorable to pregnant women.

In addition to active treatment, we should also pay attention to the hygiene of vulva at ordinary times. Be careful not to wear chemical fiber underwear to reduce local irritation. We can consider washing vulva with light salt water temporarily. This kind of situation is generally not a big disease, so don’t worry too much, and relax at the same time of treatment, so as to recover better.

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