How to do less amniotic fluid in thirteen weeks of pregnancy?

Most pregnant women will have broken amniotic fluid when they are about to give birth, so many people actually know that this is one of the signs of childbirth. This is because amniotic fluid is very important to the fetus, so if amniotic fluid breaks, it means that the amniotic fluid in the uterus is slowly decreasing. If the fetus is not delivered in time, it is very likely that it will be in danger of life. In the process of pregnancy, the amniotic fluid will also affect the fetus. So what should I do if there is less amniotic fluid in the 13th week of pregnancy?

First, pregnant women can’t know how much amniotic fluid they found during the prenatal examination. In fact, at this time, doctors will make relevant adjustments according to the actual situation of pregnant women. After the examination, if it is found that the lack of amniotic fluid does not lead to fetal malformation, there are no other complications. In fact, you can drink water quickly and increase the amount of drinking water to help increase amniotic fluid.

Second, if it is said that the lack of blood volume or lack of oxygen in pregnant women causes the lack of amniotic fluid, it can be helped to supplement amniotic fluid by drinking plenty of water and soup, as well as infusion and nourishing, which will also have some obvious effects.

Because 13 weeks of pregnancy is not the time when the fetus is particularly large, the lack of amniotic fluid may not have too serious impact, but if the amniotic fluid is too little in the third trimester, it may cause premature birth and even fetal malformation, so we should pay attention to it.

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