How to do postpartum skin allergy?

Postpartum Bao Ma’s body is prone to sweating, especially during confinement. If the weather is hot, it will prevent sweat glands from sweating and cause allergies. Bao Ma is very uncomfortable after allergy, and wants to recuperate in time. So, what should I do about postpartum skin allergy?

1. Do a good job in personal hygiene: Postpartum allergy. If it is skin itching caused by prickly heat, the treatment should pay attention to skin cleaning. When the body is sweating, it must be dried with a towel and replaced with sweaty clothes in time. Bathing should be carried out every day during the confinement. Moreover, Bao Ma should try her best to wear pure cotton and loose clothes, which can better relieve allergy.

2. Keep a good mood: Take more rest after childbirth and get enough sleep, which can also help relieve the symptoms of skin itching. Besides keeping a good state of mind, because long-term bad psychology will also affect the health of skin, women should pay attention to adjust their state of mind during confinement, avoid excessive anxiety and tension, and can also assist in the treatment of allergies.

3. Drug treatment: If Bao Ma’s postpartum allergy is serious. Moreover, it has not recovered all the time, so it needs timely medication, which can be adjusted by traditional Chinese medicine. This has little side effect, and will not affect the baby’s nursing. It can also relieve Bao Ma’s discomfort in time and promote the rapid recovery of postpartum body.

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