How to do skin allergy and itching in early pregnancy?

Some pregnant mothers find that their palms and feet are red and sometimes itchy. This common symptom may be caused by estrogen and usually disappears soon after delivery. Finally, some situations during pregnancy may also make you feel itchy. So, what about skin allergy and itching in early pregnancy?

The skin is allergic and itchy in early pregnancy. If this happens, you should go to a hospital. After diagnosis, your doctor may recommend taking antihistamines. If your illness is serious, it may take some time to take oral steroids.

Itchy urticaria and pregnancy spots usually disappear within a few days after birth, but sometimes they may last for several weeks. Fortunately, when you are pregnant again, this situation rarely happens again.

In addition, when bile can’t flow normally in the small channels of the liver, bile salts will accumulate in your skin, making your whole body itchy. This itch is quite strong. This situation itself will not cause rash, but you may scratch it, and the scratched skin will eventually turn red or even become inflamed.

If you think you have cholestasis, you should see a doctor immediately, because this situation may bring problems to your baby. The doctor will give you a blood test to see if your liver is normal. At the same time, he will also do B-ultrasound and fetal heart monitoring for the baby. According to your health and your baby’s condition, you may induce labor before the expected date of delivery. After the baby is born, the problem of cholestasis will disappear, but it may appear again in the next pregnancy.

If you have any skin rash during pregnancy, please tell your doctor. Whether your rash is related to pregnancy or not, it is best to be diagnosed by a doctor, so that he can recommend appropriate treatment for you and may refer you to a dermatologist.

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