How to do skin itch in autumn and winter?

In autumn or winter, some people’s skin begins to make trouble, which is mostly due to çİş qi, and may also be due to climate, which makes many people have a headache. What should I do if my skin itches in autumn and winter?

Most skin itching is caused by bacteria. At this time, it is necessary to ensure its own hygiene. Cleaning and health of clothes is very important. If there is something wrong with the washing machine or the cleaning method is wrong, it is easy to cause bacteria remaining in clothes, which will cause people to have various itching after wearing it. Therefore, this is one aspect that needs attention. On the other hand, it is allergic, because the seasons change, some special pollen or flying dust will appear outside, which patients need to avoid from this aspect.

In addition, the cause of skin pruritus can actually be examined in detail. When the skin is found to be inappropriate, it can be checked immediately by dermatology. Generally, the cause of the disease can be found out. If it is inflammation, take corresponding anti-inflammatory drugs and antibacterial drugs. If it is allergy, there are also corresponding drugs to alleviate the reaction. Patients with chronic pruritus are advised to take vitamin C, vitamin A or vitamin B group.

If skin pruritus has seriously affected normal life, it must be treated in time, otherwise, patients will easily deteriorate under scratching. Especially in the process of sleeping at night, patients may fall asleep, but their nerves will still be stimulated, so they will scratch subconsciously, which will cause more serious diseases.

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