How to do stomach itch during pregnancy?

After 6 months of pregnancy, the fetus develops rapidly, and the pregnant woman’s stomach also grows rapidly, so many symptoms will appear. If there is any problem, the pregnant woman will be very nervous, because she is afraid of harming the fetus and affecting their health, and some pregnant women will have an itchy stomach. So, what should I do if my stomach itches during pregnancy?

Itching during pregnancy can be relieved by applying moisturizer after taking a bath, no matter what season, so as to keep the skin moist and not dry. Scratching by hand will be more serious. It is better for pregnant women not to go around, and some olive oil can be applied to relieve it. Itching of skin is not necessarily a disease factor. Pregnant women should not take medicine indiscriminately, but eat foods rich in collagen to keep the skin elastic, such as pig’s trotters and fruits and vegetables.

Autumn and winter are very dry, and pregnant women themselves will feel dry, so there will be symptoms of itchy skin. Hormone levels are constantly changing during pregnancy, especially after the second trimester, the skin will have itching symptoms. If there are no other symptoms, it will not affect the fetus.

A rash during pregnancy can also cause itching, and a rash appears on the skin, but it has no effect on the fetus. For some pregnant women with strong metabolism in love sweating, eczema is very easy to happen, which will also cause obvious itching. If there is cholestasis, it will also show itching.

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