How to do ten-year-old children with toothache?

Toothache is a common oral disease, which is often caused by poor eating habits and poor oral hygiene. It is more common among children. Besides these factors, it may also be caused by excessive internal heat, or periodontal inflammation. Toothache is unbearable, and children often cry incessantly. So, what about ten-year-old children with toothache?

Ten-year-old children have toothache, so they need to go to the dental hospital for examination to determine the cause of toothache, and then they can be treated symptomatically. If dental caries causes toothache, it is necessary to relieve the pain by filling and repairing. If the child is in the tooth changing period, it should be treated in time to prevent the eruption of permanent teeth.

If it is gingivitis caused by bacteria or other oral diseases, it will not only cause tooth pain, but also cause redness and swelling of gums, and even show fever. Anti-inflammatory mouthwash can be used to improve oral conditions, and anti-inflammatory drugs can be used to relieve toothache.

Toothache often makes children very painful. You can cut ginger and bite it at the painful place, even when sleeping. In daily life, parents should supervise their children, brush their teeth in the morning and evening, and eat less sweets and cakes. These sweets are prone to tooth decay. After meals, they should gargle in time to maintain oral hygiene, inhibit the growth of bacteria and relieve toothache.

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