How to do when the lower edge of placenta reaches the inner mouth of cervix in 23 weeks of pregnancy?

The development of placenta will gradually mature, but in this process, if there is abnormality, it may change the position of placenta, for example, it reaches the inner cervix. This situation is prone to uterine bleeding. Although there is no obvious pain, if there is a lot of bleeding, it may have adverse effects on pregnant women and fetuses. So, what if the lower edge of placenta reaches the inner cervix at the 23rd week of pregnancy?

At the 23rd week of pregnancy, the lower edge of placenta reaches the inner mouth of cervix, so pregnant women should not worry, because it is possible to heal themselves. After the formation of the lower uterus, the placenta will gradually move up, so it is necessary to observe the position of placenta regularly. During this period, they should stay in bed, not have sex, and avoid aggravating bleeding.

If the position of placenta remains the same after more than 28 weeks, it is necessary to be vigilant, which is dangerous. Detailed examination is needed to distinguish the types of diseases. If repeated bleeding occurs frequently, it will endanger the life safety of pregnant women. When approaching the expected date of delivery, you should obey the doctor’s advice and do caesarean section if necessary. It is not recommended to give birth naturally, so as to prevent the danger of life.

Women’s physical quality is different, and the problems during pregnancy are different, so we need to adjust our mood, listen to the doctor’s guidance, don’t be too nervous, and some problems will be improved, so try to relax and pay more attention to miscarriage prevention to prevent constipation.

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