How to do with allergic redness and itching?

Many women pay more attention to the health of their faces, and they usually maintain their faces to ensure the smoothness and softness of their skin. However, in the spring, when allergies are relatively high, they are stimulated by allergens such as pollen and dust, which can easily cause allergic reactions on their faces. What should I do if my face is allergic and itchy?

When the face is allergic, red and itchy, first find out what causes the allergy and keep away from the allergens. If necessary, you need to go to the hospital to check for allergens, and cooperate with doctors for desensitization treatment. You can take related drugs or apply ointment externally to relieve allergic symptoms. During this period, you should pay attention not to scratch the allergic affected parts with your hands, so as not to cause bacterial skin infection.

There are many factors that cause facial allergy. For example, if exposed to the sun for a long time, there will be ultraviolet allergy, which will lead to redness and itching of the skin. There are dust, pollen, catkins and other substances that can also cause facial allergies when they come into contact with facial skin. In addition, when some women use cosmetics or skin care products, if they are allergic to the substances in them, they will also cause facial allergy, redness and itching.

Keep away from these allergic substances, and do a good job of skin care and sun protection every day. Especially when going out in summer, it is best to wear sunscreen and wear a hat and sunglasses to prevent skin allergy caused by ultraviolet radiation. In case of allergic reaction, we should actively treat the symptoms to prevent allergic symptoms from recurring.

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