How to do with hydronephrosis and urinary bleeding?

If something goes wrong with the kidney, it may affect our body, because the kidney itself can control our urination function, so if something goes wrong with the kidney, it will affect the normal urination. And hydronephrosis is a kind of kidney disease. If there is hydronephrosis, some abnormal conditions may be found when urinating, such as blood in urine. So what should we do about the bleeding of hydronephrosis?

First, if hydronephrosis leads to blood when going to the toilet for a long time, you need to go to the hospital for examination immediately. You should determine your actual situation according to the situation, and also check the specific situation of your kidney. If it is caused by medium or small kidney calculi, it can be treated conservatively, and it can be alleviated by taking some medicine and drinking plenty of water to help discharge kidney calculi.

Second, if the stone is relatively large, it may be necessary to use laser lithotripsy, which is a quick and efficient method to help eliminate the stone. However, it is very likely to cause urethral infection or hematuria, but this is a normal condition after lithotripsy, so just take some anti-inflammatory drugs.

The kidney is also a very important part of our body, so if there is a problem, we must treat it in time.

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