How to do with mild hepatitis B virus?

The incidence of hepatitis B is very high, and it is contagious. Many people don’t know much about hepatitis B, so after suffering from the disease, they will inevitably have fear. Most patients with hepatitis B are in acute stage. As long as they are treated with drugs to control the development of the disease, they can generally be cured, so patients need not be too nervous. So, what if they have mild hepatitis B virus?

If there is mild hepatitis B virus, you can check the liver function first, and then check whether there is a tendency of liver cirrhosis if the liver function is normal. If the result is not abnormal, you only need to check regularly. Usually, pay attention to light diet, and don’t smoke or drink. There are many treatments for hepatitis B, and different treatments need to be chosen according to different conditions.

After using drugs for treatment, you need to go to the hospital to check your condition. If the situation is very serious, it is best to hurry to the hospital for treatment. For patients with acute hepatitis B, try to stay in bed at an early stage, and wait until the situation improves before they can be discharged from hospital. Patients should also pay attention to their diet, eat more vitamins, ensure that their bodies can absorb enough heat, and eat more food rich in protein.

For chronic hepatitis B patients, it takes a certain amount of time to treat their illness, and they are prone to recurrent attacks. It is necessary to improve their physical functions, strengthen their immunity and protect their liver cells. They should take antiviral treatment, and should not give up treatment easily, so as to avoid getting worse. This is a long-term process, and patients should be psychologically prepared.

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