How to do with toothache for almost a month?

Because teeth can’t be observed directly, many people ignore the health and care of teeth, so it’s easy to have the condition of teeth, especially when the teeth hurt. Under normal circumstances, taking medicine can help relieve the pain, but if you are pregnant, taking medicine may have an impact, so what should I do if my toothache is almost a month away?

After pregnancy, if you have toothache, it is actually not recommended to take medicine, because no matter what medicine it is, it may have a little influence on the fetus. If you want to relieve toothache, you can try to put a little prickly ash in the toothache place, or put some mint tablets and then rinse with light salt water, which will play a certain anti-inflammatory role.

In addition, you need to find out the cause of your toothache. If it is caused by excessive internal heat, you can choose to eat some foods that clear away heat and reduce internal heat, such as mung bean soup. Besides, you should also drink plenty of water to help replenish water and relieve excessive internal heat. Then, in the case of toothache, we must pay attention to avoid eating something that gets angry, otherwise the toothache may become more serious.

In addition, we need to pay more attention to the hygiene of our oral cavity, gargle and brush our teeth sooner or later as far as possible, and then in the case of toothache, the toothbrush should be replaced with a softer one, which can also be better relieved.

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