How to eliminate acne on the face.

Emotional stress, anxiety, pressure, climate change, improper eating and rest habits and so on, all of these reasons will lead to endocrine disorders, hormone imbalance in the body, thus causing acne, then, how to eliminate acne on our faces?

First of all, we should pay attention to personal hygiene. It is necessary to wash your face in the morning and evening, because the skin will absorb a lot of dust at the end of the day, but we should also pay attention not to be excessively cleaned. Know what skin you are, and choose products that suit your skin to keep your skin clean. Otherwise, it will stimulate the cells to secrete more oil and cause more acne, resulting in a vicious circle.

Secondly, eating habits should be reasonable. Eat well in the morning, eat well at noon and eat lightly at night. Eat more vegetables, fruits, yogurt and other foods rich in vitamins, supplement enough vitamins, keep skin collagen, and eat less or try not to eat spicy food.

Also, ensuring adequate sleep and drinking plenty of water, going to bed early and getting up early, and staying up late for a long time without enough sleep will all lead to the growth of acne. Make sure you have eight glasses of water every day, and your skin looks like a girl. Pay attention to drink plenty of boiled water instead of carbonated drinks! Carbonated drinks can not only make people fat, but also cause acne if they take too much sugar.

Finally, to keep a happy mood, keeping a good mood will have a multiplier effect on acne removal.

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