How to eliminate dark circles under the eyes.

Many people live irregularly and stay up late at night, which makes it easy for them to have bags under their eyes and dark circles. After dark circles under the eyes appear, they need to be eliminated in time. If the problem around the eyes has not been solved, it is easy to cause the black circle to become heavier and deeper. Then let’s find out how to eliminate dark circles under the eyes.

1. Clean and care the eyes .

If you want to eliminate dark circles under your eyes, you must take good care of your eyes. Before going to bed at night, after cleaning your face, you can apply an eye mask to your eyes, which can not only reduce swelling but also dilute dark circles. After application, you should also pay attention to applying eye cream around your eyes, which will make your eyes comfortable all night. If you do this frequently, your bags under your eyes and dark circles will get better.

2. Apply potato chips to your eyes .

Potato contains high starch. If it is applied to eyes, it can eliminate dark circles and bags under the eyes. At the same time, potatoes also have whitening effect, which can eliminate melanin and reduce swelling. This method is also very good, which is simple and convenient.

3. Massage with cooked eggs .

Cook the eggs first, then remove the skin of the eggs, and then use it to massage around the eyes. Eggs can not only reduce swelling, but also promote local blood circulation. Massage eggs around the eyes for about five minutes, and stick to them for a few minutes every day, so that dark circles and bags under the eyes can be lightened. It should be noted that after peeling the eggs, they should not be too hot to avoid scalding the skin around the eyes.

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