How to get rid of nasal congestion quickly.

Colds are very common. Once a cold occurs, it will cause many symptoms, such as runny nose and stuffy nose. As long as it is actively dealt with, it will generally get better soon. However, during this period, many patients will be troubled by stuffy nose, especially when sleeping, and they will feel very uncomfortable. So, how can a cold quickly relieve the stuffy nose?

If you want to get rid of nasal congestion quickly, you can soak your feet with hot water until you sweat. You can also add some mugwort leaves, which can dispel cold and warm your body. In addition, you can warm your hands and massage your nose bridge, which can effectively relieve nasal congestion. Pay attention when massaging, and don’t touch your skin with your nails to avoid leaving scars.

When nasal congestion occurs, you can also wash your nose, put some salt in water, and then wash it with light salt water, which can not only relieve nasal congestion, but also clean the dirty things and ventilate your nose. In addition, applying a hot towel to the nose can also effectively pass through the nose. After soaking the towel in hot water, put it on the nose for a hot compress, and it will make the nose smooth.

If there is a lot of runny nose, you should drink warm boiled water at ordinary times. The effect of stopping runny nose is good. As long as you drink enough water and urinate in the toilet, you can alleviate the symptoms of cold. You should also eat warm food instead of cold and stimulating things at ordinary times. At the same time, you should also have enough sleep. When you sleep, cover your quilt and make your body sweat slightly.

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