How to get rid of stretch marks.

I believe pregnant women are no stranger to stretch marks. Most women will have stretch marks during pregnancy, mainly because the abdominal skin tension is too high during pregnancy, which leads to the fracture of collagen fibers and elastic fibers. It mainly occurs in abdomen, buttocks and other parts, but pregnant mothers need not worry too much, and can be relieved and alleviated through personal prevention and conditioning. So how to get rid of stretch marks?

Effective way to remove stretch marks First, food therapy.

Pig’s trotters contain a lot of protein, besides, they also contain fatty carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and other ingredients. Moreover, the collagen contained in the hoof skin is also abundant, which can effectively prevent stretch marks. Pig’s trotters can not only prevent skin dryness, but also enhance skin elasticity and toughness, which has special significance for delaying aging.

Control sugar intake every day and eat less food containing pigment. Drink two cups of milk every morning and evening, and eat more fresh vegetables, fruits and other foods rich in vitamin C to increase the permeability of cell membrane and skin metabolism.

Effective way to remove stretch marks 2. Jogging.

Some pregnant women have stretch marks not only on their stomachs, but also on their hips, thighs and even elbows. In this case, it must be solved by exercise. On the one hand, because skin fibers are damaged during pregnancy, it takes a long time to repair, and even cannot be repaired. On the other hand, jogging is helpful for fat consumption, so that Bao Ma can restore her original appearance in the shortest time.

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