How to improve bowlegs.

I believe everyone wants their legs to be straight and long, which meets the aesthetic requirements of others. However, in daily life, there are some special people, in the state of natural relaxation, the gap between two legs will reach 5~8 cm, so it seems that there is a circle in the middle, so how to improve the bowlegs?

Some of these reasons are caused by lack of calcium in the body, and some are caused by poor sitting posture for a long time. It is possible to buy a special bandage, and then put the legs together, and fix the legs together in time. The strength should not be too great. Generally, it should be kept for 2~3 hours, with a moderate amount of rest in the middle, but if you want to get quick results, you should also tie up your sleep at night.

Some people will correct their leg shape through surgery, but they can’t do physical exercise within two years. Safe and effective, or the acquired exercise method. After binding for two months, the effect is very obvious, and it should be done for four hours every day. In order to prevent the rebound effect, the time can be extended.

In the process of daily walking, you must keep the correct posture and hold your head high. When sitting, don’t cross or overlap your legs, and add calcium in time. You can soak your feet with hot water every night, which can effectively promote blood circulation and help every organ of the body complete metabolism. If you want to have beautiful legs, you need to make long-term efforts to get good results.

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