How to judge amblyopia in children.

There are many children suffering from amblyopia in pediatric eye clinic. Amblyopia is very harmful, and it is not easy to be completely cured. If you are treated for more than 12 years old, it will be difficult to cure. If you enter adulthood, treatment will be hopeless. Therefore, early detection and early treatment of amblyopia in children are particularly important. So, how to judge amblyopia in children?

When you find that your child often squints or looks at things very close, your child may have vision problems, so parents should pay attention.

If amblyopia is suspected, it can be confirmed by simple tests. For example, put the children’s favorite toys in front to see if the children can find them in time. Or take the toy and move it in front of the child to see if the child moves with it. You can also take your child to the hospital for vision examination, and the doctor will judge whether it is amblyopia. If the diagnosis is made, the earlier the treatment, the better. Under normal circumstances, with the increase of age, children’s eyesight will gradually return to normal.

Children of different ages have great differences in eyesight. In the case of low corrected vision, to remove the congenital abnormalities of the eye, fundus diseases, intracranial diseases and other organic eye diseases, children’s poor vision cannot be easily regarded as amblyopia.

After amblyopia diagnosis, we should find out the cause of amblyopia. There are many causes of amblyopia, so we need to go to the hospital for specific examination. Children’s amblyopia is one of the few diseases that can be completely cured, but whether children’s amblyopia can be cured is closely related to the age of discovery.

By convention, the final age of amblyopia rehabilitation is 12 years old. Therefore, parents should discover their children’s eye symptoms in time, judge whether they are amblyopia in time, and most importantly, treat them in time.

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