How to judge catching cold and being heated.

Cold is a common disease in life. For many people, catching a cold is a trivial matter. Usually caught a cold, drink more hot water, rest, can solve this problem. However, in order to recover quickly, patients should know the cause of their cold. So, how to judge a cold is caused by cold and heat?

If you want to know that a patient’s cold is caused by cold and heat, you can judge from the runny nose when you catch a cold. If a cold causes a cold, the patient’s snot is white or transparent and looks like water. In case of a cold caused by heat, the patient’s snot is yellow and sticky, which is difficult to squeeze out.

Secondly, patients with colds caused by catching cold have a low fever because the temperature is not high when they have a fever. If it is a wind-heat cold, the patient has a serious fever. If not treated in time, it will cause tonsil inflammation, which is not conducive to patients’ health. In addition, patients can also find out the cause of their own cold through tongue coating.

Cold patients have severe cold in their bodies, and their tongue coating is pale and thin, so they will not be thirsty or have dry throat at ordinary times. However, for patients with wind-heat cold, their internal heat is exuberant, their tongue coating is yellow, greasy and thick, and at the same time they have dry mouth and sore throat. No matter what causes the cold, patients should go to the hospital to see a doctor in time to treat their physical problems. If the cold can’t be cured for a long time, it may cause rhinitis and other problems, affecting the life and work of patients.

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