How to judge scar constitution.

Some people heal quickly after opening a hole in their skin, and they won’t leave too many scars. However, some people also have a wound on their skin, but after the wound is healed, there will be a big scar, and this scar will still itch and hurt. This situation is said to be scar constitution. How to judge scar constitution.

1. Look at the skin color. People with scar constitution have darker skin color and are easy to sweat, because this kind of people have more exuberant skin secretion.

2. Look at the position of scar. People with scar constitution often have scars in the middle and upper part of the chest or the shoulder or the upper arm or the ear area.

3. Look at what the scar looks like. If the scar is obviously higher than the skin, it will be egg-shaped or nodular, and it will spread or extend around.

4. Look at the speed of scar development. If people have scar constitution, scars will develop very quickly and itch. In addition, scar constitution also has certain heritability, let’s see if there is scar constitution in the family.

To judge whether it is scar constitution, it is mainly based on the shape, tension, infection, location and other factors of the scar on the body, but it cannot always be recognized that it is scar constitution.

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