How to judge scar constitution.

Some bumps and bumps in life inevitably lead to injuries, and deep wounds will leave scars. Scars also have a great relationship with people’s physique. Some people have the same wounds, and some people don’t even leave scars. If they are scarred, they are different. So how to judge scar constitution?

People with scar constitution will leave scars on their skin when they encounter a slight injury, and the colors of scars of people with this constitution are also different. If you want to judge whether you have scar constitution, you can observe your skin. Generally, the skin with scar constitution is dark in color and exuberant in skin secretion. For this kind of skin, it may be scar constitution.

Scar constitution will appear when it is slightly injured in life, and people with scar constitution are particularly susceptible to infection after being injured, and even sometimes they suddenly feel that small wounds are very painful. There are even some typical scars, that is, being scratched by nails will leave scars. If you want to judge scar constitution, you can judge it by these symptoms.

Everyone’s physique and living habits are different, so the abnormal symptoms are also different. After some people are in their hands, the wound will spread, which will easily lead to granulation hyperplasia and scar formation. People with scar constitution must pay attention to avoid injury in normal times.

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