How to judge whether it is scar body.

Many people may have heard about the term “scar constitution”, but they don’t know the specific conditions of this constitution, and naturally they don’t know how to consider scar constitution, so how to judge whether it is scar body?

Scar constitution is not common for human body, but there is still a certain chance that it will exist. Scar constitution will show that the wound is healing, so the scar on the affected part will become more serious after healing, even the scar will expand, and some parts will be accompanied by pain or redness. There is great damage to the skin of human body, and it is very painful for women who love beauty. Therefore, people often see that the scar constitution pointed out in beauty advertisements is not suitable for surgery.

Scars are all protective tissues that appear when normal skin tissues are damaged. Such tissues do not have the functions of normal skin, and have no tissue vitality and complete physiological functions. On the other hand, scar constitution is the shortcoming of adding scar on this basis, and the judgment method is relatively simple. Observe the condition of wound after healing, and see if there is any symptom of scar expanding continuously.

Many people will confuse keloids with this situation. In fact, keloids will only appear in specific places, and when they grow to a certain extent, they will stop growing and will not continue to grow bigger. However, there are many abnormalities in scar constitution. For example, people with scar constitution are bound to have keloids in specific areas. However, some patients may have keloids under special circumstances, but they are not of scar constitution.

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