How to know urinary tract infection.

In life, it is inevitable to suffer from some diseases. Some diseases may heal themselves, but some diseases may need to be cured by appropriate treatment methods. However, some diseases still need to be known, such as symptoms and causes of diseases. Therefore, let’s take a look at how to know urinary tract infection now.

If you find that you have symptoms such as urgency, frequent micturition, and painful urination, sometimes you may have obvious discomfort in the bladder area or perineum. In this case, you can go to the hospital to check your urine routine and treat it according to the examination results.

It is generally easy to diagnose urinary tract infection clinically. Through routine urine examination, if the number of bacteria and white blood cells in urine increase, urinary tract infection can be indicated. In addition, microscopic examination of urine sediment can be carried out. Microscopic examination shows that white blood cells are increased, which can prompt urinary tract infection.

Urinary bacterial culture is a common and reliable examination method for urinary tract infection. If abnormal proliferation of bacteria is found, urinary tract infection can be diagnosed and guidance can be made for the next antibiotic selection. For patients with recurrent urinary tract infection in clinic, further imaging examination can be generally used to help find out the inducement. For example, ultrasound examination of urinary system can be used to find complicated urinary calculi. Urinary tract obstruction and pus accumulation, etc.

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