How to lean the fat on the lower abdomen after childbirth?

Since ancient times, pregnant women need time to do confinement after childbirth, and at the same time, they need a lot of food. If they don’t pay attention to diet in daily life, they will easily gain weight, especially the stomach fat will increase. So, how to lose the fat on the lower abdomen after childbirth?

1. Don’t eat and drink. Eat three meals a day on time, drink chicken soup, etc., eat more vegetables, and drink some millet congee. It is best to eat every meal as soon as possible, and never eat or drink.

2. Persist in eating fruit. You can eat more bananas every day, and you can also eat fruits such as apples and strawberries. Bananas and apples are all slimming fruits.

3. Exercise is essential. You can take some time to walk back and forth in the living room every day and do some simple postpartum exercise. For example, common yoga can be practiced for about half an hour every day.

4. Stick to the abdominal belt. Mothers must remember to tie the abdominal belt after giving birth, even when they sleep. The abdominal belt can be used to prevent pregnant mothers from relaxing their postpartum skin.

5. Keep breastfeeding. Although breastfeeding after childbirth is hard, even so, mothers have insisted on breastfeeding. Because breast-feeding can enhance your baby’s body’s resistance, and children who grow up after breast-feeding will have a much better physique, it is beneficial for your baby to insist on breastfeeding after childbirth, because insisting on breastfeeding helps to consume fat, which is conducive to losing weight.

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