How to lie in pregnant hydronephrosis.

If the diet is not particularly healthy at ordinary times and the posture is not normal when sleeping, it may lead to hydronephrosis during pregnancy. But as long as you choose the right way for conditioning, it will be improved. If there is hydronephrosis during pregnancy, what should I do? How can pregnant hydronephrosis lie down and applaud?

According to the actual situation of hydronephrosis, adjust your sleeping position. If it is hydronephrosis on the left, you should usually lie on the right side when you sleep. This way, you can avoid oppressing the left side to aggravate the hydronephrosis. On the contrary, if there is hydronephrosis on the right side, you should sleep on the left side. You can check to see if the situation of Shengji water has abated during the birth check.

In addition to adjusting the daily sleeping posture, hydronephrosis also has a great relationship with diet. If the hydronephrosis is a bit serious, it is necessary to control the amount of drinking water, as long as it can meet the basic metabolism, so be careful not to consume too much water. Besides, don’t eat food with too much water when eating, and try to eat something dry.

In addition, if pregnant women lack exercise, it will easily aggravate hydronephrosis. Therefore, they should do some proper exercise during pregnancy, and they can choose some low-intensity ones, such as walking.

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