How to lose weight after postpartum obesity.

During pregnancy, women will gradually gain weight, and then wait until the confinement period, which will strengthen nutrition, reduce exercise and make them more prone to obesity. If you gain weight after childbirth, it is still difficult to lose weight. Many parturients have been soaring in weight, even if their babies are one or two years old, they are still obese. Therefore, we must find ways to lose weight after delivery. How to lose weight after delivery?

1. To lose weight, of course, we should control our diet and avoid excessive calorie intake, because excessive calorie intake will result in more fat. Therefore, the usual diet should not be too greasy and fried, but light. In addition, we should also pay attention to control the amount of food, and don’t think that only when you eat more, you will get more milk. Actually, the amount of milk is related to the nutrition that Bao Ma eats, and has nothing to do with the quantity.

2. Postpartum weight loss should also take your legs. It is not required to do strenuous exercise such as running or skipping rope after delivery. You can do some slight exercise, such as walking, jogging or doing sit-ups or other moderate exercise.

Postpartum obesity is common, but we should not lose weight blindly. We must make a postpartum weight loss plan, which should be implemented from 2 months after delivery. In addition, in the month, the original mother needs a rest, which can make her body recover well. Therefore, postpartum weight loss is not recommended too early, which will be detrimental to maternal health.

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