How to lose weight with insulin resistance.

Insulin is mainly used to control blood sugar, so it is a kind of drug that diabetics never leave. However, many people will have insulin resistance, and their metabolism will be disordered, and their endocrine will have adverse reactions, which will lead to obesity. So how to lose weight with insulin resistance?

1. Exercise properly

When insulin resistance occurs, it is necessary to do some physical exercise, because when the body ingests too much carbohydrate in a short time, the blood sugar will be abnormal, and the blood lipid will be abnormal, so the insulin resistance phenomenon will appear. Moderate exercise can reduce the symptoms of insulin resistance, at the same time, it can also have a certain weight loss effect. However, patients are not suitable for strenuous exercise, only moderate or mild exercise. If you want to lose weight, you can jog, walk or trot for half an hour every day.

2. Diet conditioning .

Insulin resistance is the cause of obesity, and diet conditioning is essential to lose weight. You can start with three meals a day. An egg or a cup of milk for breakfast is enough, which ensures nutrition and enhances satiety. Eat a small bowl of rice with some vegetable salad at noon. At three or four o’clock in the afternoon, you can have an afternoon tea according to your personal needs; Drink some tremella soup at seven or eight o’clock in the evening, and you can increase or decrease the food according to your own situation.

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