How to make your fingers longer.

People always pay attention to maintaining the skin on their faces, but we should know that hands also need careful maintenance. However, most people feel that they need to care for their hands only when they become dry in winter. In fact, hands also need constant maintenance. So how can we make our fingers longer?

Let’s learn how to protect our hands and make our fingers more slender and slender.

1. Maintain small objects .

Even in hot summer, we can choose some non-greasy hand cream to smear on our hands. We can protect our hands by the way when we usually get up during the day and wash our faces before going to bed at night. Nowadays, everyone can’t live without computers, and they often have to type with their fingers. We can also buy a finger pressure relaxing massager to relax our fingers.

2. Finger massage

We should massage our fingers more in our daily life. There are many acupoints on the fingers, so we can learn to massage the fingers to a comfortable state, and also make the fingers slowly change their shape and become slender.

3. DIY maintenance steps

There may be a lot of dead skin on the fingers, but we can’t bite hard, which can easily cause infection. So we can prepare some warm water, soak our fingers in warm water for a while, soften the dead skin of our fingers, and then cut it off with nail clippers. Moreover, hands washed with warm water are comfortable and not irritating, and more attention should be paid to finger protection at ordinary times.

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