How to make your fingers thinner and whiter.

The intense sunlight in summer causes people’s skin to become dull, not only the skin on their faces but also the skin on their hands. When people whiten their facial skin, they should also whiten their hand skin. So how do you make your fingers thinner and whiter?

1. Skin needs deep nourishment. If you want them to become white and thin, you can’t let them lack water. In daily life, women should rub some hand cream on their hands. When wiping, you can add some olive oil. Olive oil can quickly absorb the nutrients in hand cream, and when applied before bedtime, the effect is doubled.

2. White vinegar can also be used to beautify hands. At home, you can pour white vinegar into a basin and add a small amount of water to soak your hands. Rub while soaking, so that the white vinegar can quickly penetrate into the skin and achieve the whitening effect. In life, you can massage your fingers with two fingers, which can make them longer and thinner.

3. Lemon, milk and rice washing water also have whitening effect. People can use these things instead of white vinegar to soak their hands, and the effect will be very good.

Hand changes can’t be changed in a day or two. After all, it takes a long time to cause such a result. And unchanged is a persistent thing, therefore, people must be patient, and only through long-term persistence can they be changed.

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