How to make your fingers thinner.

For women, besides caring about their faces, they care about their hands. It is not unreasonable to say that the hand is another face of a woman. Therefore, women usually pay great attention to the maintenance of their hands, especially those with thick fingers, and hope that their fingers can be more perfect. How to make your fingers thinner?

1. Massage finger joints .

Finger thickness is closely related to finger joints. If you want to make your fingers thinner, you must first find a way to make your finger joints soft. In the usual leisure time, you can often give your finger joints a massage, which can soften your finger joints. Massage with the index finger, middle finger and thumb of one hand along the finger root of the other hand to the fingertip. Then massage with the other hand. If you stick to it for a long time, it will soften the joints of your fingers and make your fingers thinner slowly.

2. Do not engage in heavy physical work .

The finger shape has a lot to do with the job. If you are engaged in heavy physical work for a long time, your fingers need to work hard every day, and then your fingers will become thicker and thicker. Therefore, if you want your fingers to be thinner, you must pay attention to the type of work, and try your best to do easy work, which is conducive to maintaining the shape of your hands.

3. Exercise your fingers frequently .

When watching TV, waiting for bus, soaking your feet, etc., you can exercise your finger joints and make your fingers thinner. The simplest action is to clench your fist, then release it and repeat it.

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