How to measure your skin.

Nowadays, more and more people are doing e-commerce, and many young women also like to buy skin care products online. However, when buying skin care products, the store owner will ask what skin it is, so as to recommend more suitable skin care products. But most women can’t answer at this time, so how do you measure your skin?

In fact, there are many methods to detect skin properties, and the most accurate method is, of course, a special skin tester. This needs to be done in professional beauty institutions. With the correct operation of beauticians, skin testers can be used to help women detect their skin properties. However, it is recommended that women go to regular beauty institutions, so as to ensure the hygiene of the detection probe of the instrument and avoid skin cross-infection.

Besides using skin tester, women can also judge by observing their skin condition. Generally, people with oily skin have large pores, and the nose and forehead are easy to produce oil. Women with dry skin, however, are in a state of lack of water on their whole face, and are prone to fine lines and allergies. For women with mixed skin, the cheeks are dry, while the T area is easy to produce oil.

As long as you have detected what skin type you are, you should make targeted choices when purchasing skin care products in the future. Improper use of skin care products, not only can not play the role of skin care, but will bring a burden to the skin.

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